Monday, October 20, 2008

Skull Smiley

Jack Morgan has invented his own skull emoticon:

I included the keystrokes for Mac (I assume/hope it's the same on PC) so you can start using it today.

Made your own skull smiley? Include it in a comment below!

UPDATE: You can also try cutting and pasting it here: °..°


Tatman said...

I can't get it to work on my PC. Anyone else?

Noah said...

Definitely let me know if anyone has figured out the PC key strokes and I'll add that!

KmilaRodz said...

I made it with my pc. I dont touch the alt key but the arrow ( above the ctrl key)

yeah :)

I've just received the book ! Thank you so much !! It's amazing !

spacedlaw said...

0..0 is the best I can do with my PC with the usual controls
Or ºֵº if I use the character map...

Sloane said...

1. Alt-0186 º
2. .
3. .
4. Alt-0186


Rai said...

Alt 248
Alt 248

this is awesome.

Rai said...


·..· (Alt 0183)


•..• (Alt 0149)

Unknown said...

I used to type this... [o"o]
The reverse skull.

Geo said...

Nothing like new skills. Thanks!

(Hope you don't mind I added some teeth.)



cde said...

Always the easy
"..." (Looks better with a monospaced font)

Anonymous said...

Mac keystrokes work.

Sky Jack Morgan said...

By far the coolest thing that will happen to me this week. Thanks!
I'm so glad you all like my Skullicon Skull Smiley.


strangegirl71 said...


Unknown said...

I can't help but think that resorting to extended ASCII sequences is overkill.

Here's a much easier version to type:

( 8=

(As with most smilies, try looking at it sideways.)

You can even have crossbones for added goodness:

( 8= X

Sky Jack Morgan said...

It's only extended on a PC, but the thing about


is that it's too close to the international sign for penis:


Which is kind of gross.
I tried so many ways to make a little skull. There are lots of methods to be found all over the interwebs, but I thought that simple version was quick and to the point for a chat.


MLewis said...


hmmm...cutting and pasting worked, but the keystrokes didn't.

MLewis said...


A dead skull?
(is that overkill?)

Anonymous said...

I'm still faithful to (8-=

Sideways, yeah.