Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chalkboard Ukulele Skull

Stephen Sloan the brains behind Chalkboard Ukulele wrote: “Thanks so much for your Skull-A-Day site. I love it! Here is a little Skull-A-Day tribute I did for you.”

Key of C says:

This is a great idea. I love that not only are you a facilitator of the art, but you are also a participant. Who knew there was so much artistic diversity in the ukulele world. Thank you for sharing your project with us and keeping us up to date on the ukulele music scene.

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Stephen Sloan said...

Thanks for mentioning my blog on yours. Both my wife Michalee and I are big fans of Skull-a-Day. She even did a quilt panel for the quilt mail art project. I have a few other skull projects I'll share with you as time permits. Thanks again for the mention and for the great site.