Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Simulacra - Version 5.11

The skull hunters are taking to the streets to find more hidden skulls. Let's see what the streets bring us this week...

I found this frightful fellow on the bricks in front of the fantastic Gallery 5 in Richmond while I was visiting for the Skull Exhibit for Skull Appreciation Day.

Kmo...Góngora sends in this brain case look alike from a bustling boulevard. "Look what I found in a metal post on the streets of Usaquen in Bogota Colombia."

And pensive pumpkin shares these wonderful earrings that she found while walking the streets. "I did not make these, let me be clear. But I found them in a vintage jewelry shop (Alana in Seattle) and know nothing about them, so I am really hopeful that someone will know something. When I mentioned to the salesgirl that they were skulls, she looked at me like I was insane. But I know a skull when I see one, and I thought these were exquisite. Very understated skulldom, so I can wear them in the straight world and not get kicked out of boring courtrooms.

Keep your peepers peeled for those hidden skulls about you and submit them to keep the hunt alive. You never know where they might turn up. Except for every Sunday here on Skull-A-Day. That's a given.

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