Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[BONUS] Quoth The Tattoo

I'm excited to finally get to share our very own editor Abby's official Skull-A-Day tattoo! She got it this past December and it's based on my original 38. Quoth The Skull cut paper illustration... 

She's part of the elite ranks of Skull-A-Day tattooed folks: Deacon who got my Ornamental skull on his back; Denis who got a skull I drew for him when I signed his copy of my book Skulls; Kevin, GlobGlob & Drew who used the Skullphabet for their tattoos; Katrina who had a tattoo designed for her by Skull-A-Day fans; Danny (who got the Rorschach Skull); Tammie who got my Acorn Skull; and of course Tatman and myself! Any other Skull-A-Day tattoos out there I don't know about?

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KC said...

Welcome to the club, Abby!