Thursday, August 18, 2011

Coin Skull

Oscar Fox submitted this image of 4 skulls made of coins. He explains, "I'm still plugging away with my 365 day project Another Day Another Dollar and have reached day 256.  I made this skull of coins with you in mind and hope it may appeal to your skullyness. I only made the one skull but photographed it under different lighting to get the varying images. I'll try to incorporate at least one more Skull before we reach the journeys end."

These look like one of those games where you have to guess how much money is in the jar. This one however, has 256 coins. The shine on these is really nice. Reminds me of putting coins in jewelry cleaner while mom was soaking her jewelry, just to see what color it would turn. Rarely did they turn back to their original color. Normally, they tarnished in a rainbow of colors.

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