Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Luckless And Long Tooth Skulls

If you're the kind of person who " works in a stuffy corporate office where I am the one weird guy that rides a motorcycle to work and prefers to wear hotrod/counter culture tshirts" then you would have a lot in common with graphic designer Jake Heaton. He has a couple of simple and great looking skull designs with some neat backstories.

"Luckless Skull"

"A while back some friends and I organized a motor club. We are all gearheads and have been frustrated by the different clubs that were out there because they were either too specific or were too traditional... neither of these fit our interests. Thus 'The Luckless' was born and is designed to be about motors and pretty much anything they are attached to. The concept behind the name and the companion logo is that we build what we have and not just buy it, and then pass ourselves off as car guys. Sometimes this means we get burned, but in the end it's a labor of love that will be with us till we die!"

"Long Tooth"

Maybe my dreams are messed up, I'm not sure but either way that is how I found the inspiration for this skull. I woke the next morning, ran to my desk and drew out what I could remember of the skull I saw in my dream. Some refinements and trial drawings later, this is what I ended up with.

I love the idea of the Luckless Skull logo for your club. It's one thing to be a member, but when you have an official patch it just makes it that much better, right? Of course it does. If you haven't done this yet, Jake, then I suggest you do. I'd sign up just to get one. Thanks for sharing these.

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