Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bullet Proof Skull Mask

The Freehand Profit is making another pilgrimage to our site to share his infinite wisdom in the discipline of skull making...

"I wanted to share this ballistics mask that I customized for rapper Candyman 187. He's got a healthy obsession with skulls (check out the rings). I hand painted this mask which protects against any handgun/pistol fire. Masks like this one are used by our military overseas. Even though my daily project, MASK365, is over; masks remain an integral part of my work." -Freehand Profit

This mask is totally SICK!!! The details are great and it looks killer when being worn, but I think we're missing the deeper point. Wearing this mask means that you're telling the world, "MY SKULL IS BULLETPROOF!" Get out, Get up, and Get noticed! The Freehand Profit wishes you would. Thanks, FP!

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Anonymous said...

This is really cool, the use of something functional and decorating it and making it your own is what I am all about. :D