Monday, September 19, 2011

Skull Portrait

Rachel Martin of Baldock, Herts, UK submitted this piece. She explains, "It is a portrait of my elder sister, a London Rollergirl named 'Spooky Von Strange' drawn in a Mexican Sugar Skull style. I used pencil, tissue paper, paper rose petals, vintage doilies, transfers and bits of old jewelry.  I am really happy with the finished piece and gave the original to my sister for her birthday."

I like these sort of morbid portraits of the living. They remind me of mortuary photos, but are more artistic. The use of layers in this piece is a nice variation that make the piece more personalized. It's a beautiful piece. Rachel's sister is a lucky gal.


JB Jefferson Bastos said...

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Noah said...

Your work is great! Information about submissions can be found HERE.

Tatman said...

I LOVE the addition of the dripping blood as another layer. Excellent stuff!