Friday, September 16, 2011

Skull Cane Beads

Michell Eads from Petaluma, CA shared with us her creation process:

“I have no idea how or how long ago I found your blog, but I've been visiting daily ever since. I really like the ‘found’ skulls people share that may have otherwise been overlooked in our daily lives.

I am sorta on a dark streak lately and have been obsessing over skulls. I now have a few to share with you. I decided I wanted to make a polymer clay, skull cane. It's tricky because you don't really know how it's going to turn out until the end. I just let lose and tried to have fun with the results.

Every slice off the cane results in a different image, even the back of the bead is unique from the front. I've enjoyed meeting all the new skulls revealed with every slice. I incorporated the little lovelies into fun accessories that I am selling on Etsy. I've also been randomly dropping individual beads in town. I like to imagine some one spying my little skully on the ground, picking it up and putting it in their pocket with a smile.”

Lost C says:

The results of the unknown turned out awesome. I love your story about leaving these beads around for others to find. May you also have luck in finding some found skulls in your everyday life. Thank you for being a loyal reader and also for contributing to cause.

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DangerAmy said...

These are wonderful! Good job :)