Thursday, September 15, 2011

Skull and Flowers Bag

Holly Davis, submitted a bag with an interesting request for you all to participate for. She explains, "I run a UK based online company Holly and Ruby and I make handbags, of many designs, some of which are skulls. All of our work is original and our bags are handmade, one-off pieces. I am currently running a competition in which visitors to the site can win a skull bag (made by Holly and Ruby) by naming the bag and writing a short character description. I am currently a little skull-obsessed and I am working on other skull bags! The closing date for the competition is October 31, 2011 I welcome entrants from all over the world as I can post international. Details of the competition can be found on their blog, Holly and Ruby.

I've loved embroidery since the 1st time I held a needle and thread in my hands and stitched into fabric. This bag is exceptional. The details are amazing. There is a combination of machine and hand embroidery that highlight the details of the bag. If you would like to win this one of a kind bag, don't forget to enter the contest by Holly and Ruby.

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