Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday Simulacra - Version 5.17

Today’s Simulacra are all wet.

First up is Henry B from blah-t who told us: “I was drinking my iced coffee when I saw it ...and tought about you guys!”

Next Warren Guy wrote: “Found skulking around a pub patio.”

Finally is one of my own simulacra, I had just come in from the rain and went into my bedroom to get changed. I must have been too close to the bed when I turned on the light because I dripped on the comforter. At least the results were worth it.

Washed Up C says:

Thank you both for submitting your excellent finds. Did you know? Liquids in its many forms are some of the most popular places in the world in which simulacra are found.

Keep sending those pictures in to our submissions address. Just keep in mind that since we only post simulacra once a week it might take a little longer than normal for it to be posted.

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