Saturday, September 3, 2011

Greaser Skull Painting

Put your peepers on this painted greaser skull from Pyon of Toulouse, France. This was a painting done for a friend with a little bit of a back story. Pyon wrote, "This one's name is "Hair high and B.12 : he is a pirate!" (yeah, I really like to give name to my work). It's a little joke about the fact that we are vegan and need, from time to time, to take a shot of B.12."

The bold black and white background exemplifies the greaser skull and it's rebellious lifestyle. The yellow and red emits a fiery soul of someone who is passionate about their beliefs. Your friend is a lucky one to have a great painting that represents the lifestyle they live. Thanks for sharing your gift with us!


Cherry Neko said...

That is an amazing painting. I'm in love!

pyon said...

I'm so happy and proud to see my painting on skull a day which i follow _everyday with passion!
I got some more paintings i'll submit cuz skulls really rule!