Thursday, November 24, 2011

Dia de los Muertos Makeup

Emily Parkinson of the Screaming Skulls Weird Club submitted some "Halloween photos I took of myself in costume as 'La Reina de Los Muertos' aka 'Queen of the Dead' ". "My costume was inspired by the beautiful, macabre sugar skulls that are typically painted for 'el dia de los muertos' in Mexico, and I did the makeup myself."

Sarah Lynn Duncan did this makeup. She said "The makeup took me a little over an hour to do and I'm pretty happy with the even-ness considering I did it on my own face!"

Mrs. Dee's daughter "Skella" wanted to look like a skeleton, so she fulfilled her daughter's request.

I'm a big fan of skull makeup myself. I like the process of transformation and the reactions when other people see it. Dia de los Muertos celebrators have a wide range of design choices, because it's a personal celebration as much as it is group one. I like that individuality of the makeup, the costumes and the celebration.

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