Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Remembrance Skulls

Ben Galaviz of Texas shared with us the results of a yearly family tradition of making Sugar Skulls. You can find more pictures of the process of creating them HERE and HERE.

Ben also was kind enough to share with us a painting that was donated by Christa Vaznis for a raffle prize to support the The Zac Galaviz Scholarship Fund which was set up in memory of his brother Zac who passed away 3 years ago. Ben explained: “every year on his birthday, we have a benefit concert with a raffle of items that would represent the type of person he was.”

Moment of C says:

Thank you for sharing all those great pictures of your family tradition. It is wonderful that so many of your family are involved in the creation of these little works of art. Also thank you for sharing with us the information about your brother's annual benefit and highlighting the kindness of fellow skull artists who give when they are able to assist others.


Kweeny Todd said...


kendal croix. said...

Love sugar skulls, wishing i had gotten around to making some this year.

Ben Galaviz said...

These pictures were from last year. I haven't yet posted the pictures from this year. Thanks for the post!

Ben Galaviz said...

I meant the skulls were from last year. The painting was from the Benefit raffle this year.