Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Half Life Papercraft Skull

Chris at Tektonten Papercraft is sharing his first of "a series of papercraft video game skulls". This one is a skull from the Half-Life 1 video game. You can find the original post including the free downloadable template here.

Take a moment to realize the journey of this skull. Originally thought of by someone who wanted to create a video game. Luckily for us skulls were a part of the motif, and so someone else was hired to design this computerized skull to be a part of the game. Of course we have a certain fan base who are into these types of video games and happen to share our love for skull art. In one case a certain fan who wanted to recreate the same skulls he had seen in these games decided to use his own creativity to produce a paper version of the same artwork that you can now download and assemble for yourself. Now that's a lot of creative minds working on a common skull. How often do you think something like this happens? Well, now we can add at least once more to the list. Thanks, Chris!

Oh yeah, don't forget to check out more the papercraft skulls featured from the past here on Skull-A-Day including some from the Skull Master himself in the FREE STUFF section.

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