Thursday, August 30, 2012

[CONTEST REMINDER] "Skullface" Book Giveaway

This contest is over.  Thanks to everyone who participated and left a comment.

Don't forget that you have until Midnight TONIGHT August 30th to be entered to win this amazing book, "Skullface", from Yak El-Droubie and Korero Books. I would dare say that you might hate yourself if you missed the chance to own this collection of classical craniums. Follow the link to the original post here or click on the ad at the top of the sidebar.

Of course you don't have to wait to win a copy, visit the site here to purchase one or more (Christmas is coming) and check out all of the awesome art books from Korero. Thanks again for the great prize, Yak!


kerosene said...

Was that the C word ... in August?

Tatman said...

Ha ha! Sorry for doing that. I knew someone would catch it and comment.

Lenore said...

i had buy this Art Skulls-Book!!!
it's really Great!!! ^^