Friday, August 24, 2012

Digital Coded Skulls

London, England based Graphic Design & Photography student James Green told us: “I recently came across the Skull-A-Day website when doing a project based on skulls, and really find it quite amazing. I decided to send you a pair of submissions of what I have been working on. The processes they have been through is a mixture of slit-scanning, meshing, data bending converting 2D images into 3D and transcode landscaping- basically a bunch of creative coding.”

Lightcycle C says:

I find the new age of digital arts to be a fascinating wonder.  Its magic however also frightens me as I fear that its future place may not be to enhance the existing arts but rather to replace them.  With that it is hard not to see with your first image a connection to the art of stained glass or mosaics with its combination of  varying individual colored pieces to create a larger deeper image.  Perhaps in this case the digital arts could enhance the art form as it could take away some of the guess work on what truly works best together.  Thank you for discovering our site and for jumping in head first by sharing your creative coding with us.

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