Saturday, August 25, 2012

[BONUS] Skull-A-Day Tattoos

Just wanted to share a couple more tattoos featuring my work!

The first was posted on our Skull-A-Day Facebook page by Cynthia Saldivar, who used my Seaskull as inspiration for her foot tattoo...

The second was spotted by me at this year's GWAR-B-Q here in Richmond!  I introduced myself as the creator of the Quoth The Skull artwork, but sadly did not get the owner's name...

Do you have a Skull-A-Day inspired tattoo? Please drop us a line and share it!  If you do you'll be joining the elite ranks of Skull-A-Day tattooed including our editor Abby, who has my Quoth The Skull on her arm; Thomas who has my Skulledelic on his arm; Deacon who got my Ornamental skull on his back; Denis who got a skull I drew for him when I signed his copy of my book Skulls; Kevin, GlobGlob & Drew who used the Skullphabet for their tattoos; Katrina who had a tattoo designed for her by Skull-A-Day fans; Danny who got the Rorschach Skull; Tammie who got my Acorn Skull; and of course Skull-A-Day editor Tatman and myself!

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