Saturday, August 25, 2012

Super 'Skulluxe' Saturday

If you've been reading Skull-A-Day for any length of time then you are sure to have been witness to the the bright and bold world of Dan Springer of Skulluxe fame.  Now Dan's back with so much new stuff that A Super Skull Saturday was in order.

Most of Dan's works are painted on wooden panels, but I see a new trend has caught his eye with the painted bike bells.  I'm sensing a pattern of awesomeness appearing over at Skulluxe.  Perhaps these will also catch the eye of a fellow skull and bike lover over at his site (hint, hint, Paul).

Be sure you check out the rest of Dan's terrific works of more than just skulls.  He's got a unique flair that really pops and brings vibrancy to the mundane woodgrains he uses for a canvas.  Thanks again for the incredible submissions, Dan!

1 comment:

SKULLUXE said...

Thanks Noah! Maybe a desktop is in order for September... I will shoot it over for the Skull-A-Day folks!