Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jeweled Skulls

Artist Joanne Davidson from Aberdeenshire, Scotland told us: “I wanted to learn how to cast with resin and after a few practices with resin and marble powder I realised how much like bone it came
out, no surprises that a skull would be the next thing I created.  I then sculptured a skull from terracotta clay and took a silicone cast of it.”

Joanne continued: “I love pointillism and monotony so casting plain skulls soon became mundane, I needed something a bit more challenging and like other artists out there I wanted to try the Damien Hirst Jeweled Skull. Using 5000 4mm rhinestones and 20 hours later I finally completed the skull.”

She went on: “Having now made quite few plain Jeweled ones I thought I'd try them with colours. The results were great, so I moved to do a little more complicated one. The leopard print one took a bit longer to do than the plain ones, but I loved doing it.”

 Bejeweled C says:

Thank you for sharing your truly inspiring work.  Having personally worked with these items in the past on a limited basis on this, I know the frustration and tediousness of how you need to interact with the material.  Creating with them on such a scale is a testament to your artistic talents.

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