Thursday, August 9, 2012

Paper Skull Latern

Max Rubenacker, from Colorado, created "A little paper craft print out and attach to Christmas lights for my Dia de los Muertos celebrations." The design is "inspired by Manny Calavera of Grim Fandango."

It's that time of year where I have Halloween and Dia de los Muertos on my mind every day. I love simple paper craft projects like these. This one was designed to fit over Christmas lights, so they are transformed into skull lights for a Dia de los Muertos celebration. These would be a great project for a group. I can easily see these paint or drawn on, to make them more festive, by people of all ages. Dia de los Muertos is of course about celebration of your heritage and family, so what better way to celebrate than doing a family activity. Noah's Papercraft Skull could also be used as Christmas light covers, with or without the articulated jaw. Feel free to print out both of the paper skulls and use them to decorate your abode. Halloween and Dia de los Muertos only come 3 days a year, but for a skull filled house like mine, having these up year round wouldn't be out of place.

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