Thursday, November 1, 2012

Dia de la Abby: #80 Dia de la Muertos Skull Makeup

Recently, I went to a Dia de los Muertos themed event. I've been wanting to do a new skull makeup, so this was the perfect excuse to do a quick one.

I chose to do a simple sugar skull using white cream makeup, black eyeshadow, and different eyeliners. To see how I created this skull, go to the tutorial. For the costume, I wore a black tank, a hand painted ribcage corset, a black eyelet ruffle skirt (which reminded me of Mexican skirts), skeleton gloves, skeleton stockings, and skull print boots. I wanted to wear a more skeletal looking costume, so thankfully my wardrobe had those pieces already. If you've been following my work for a while, then you might recall my skull, sugar skull, and anatomical skull makeups. Each one has it's own tutorial. I love playing with makeup, and skulls, so this probably won't be my last one that I share here and on my blog.

On Thursdays in the 6.0 year, I will post my own Dia de la Abby creations. On Thursdays in the 4.0 and 5.0 years, I posted my Dia de la Abby creations and occasionally tutorials with instructions on how I made my pieces. Hopefully you feel inspired by my posts just as I was by Noah's Skull-A-Day 1.0 daily project. Want to find me elsewhere, follow me on Facebookmy BlogGoogle+ and/or Twitter.


Fran said...

Love this! I did a similar thing this year for Halloween - it is seriously so much fun being dressed up as a skeleton!

Abby Davis said...

@Fran, make sure you submit the skull makeup images to our submissions email. We love featuring stuff like this! Very creative!