Saturday, November 17, 2012

Super Small Stitching Skull Saturday

"Mother Eagle"- (a.k.a. Katie) is making a gigantic splash here today with her miniature embroidered skulls. Here's more about Mother Eagle herself:

"I am an embroidery artist, and the skull is my perpetual muse! I have attached images of some of these pieces - both 'in progress' and finished. I am a fifth-generation needle worker and work in miniature scale, mostly in split stitch, which allows me to represent the contours of the skull and give three dimensional, and light reflecting qualities to the embroidery."

These diminutive craniums are amazingly done by hand.  A magnifying lamp and loads of patience are necessary for making such fine stitches, some as small as 1 millimeter long.  I can truly appreciate the finger cramping care you put into these, Katie.  Thanks for a super submission! 

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Anonymous said...

Oh what a wicked surprise! Thanks so much for featuring my work! :)