Thursday, November 8, 2012

Faux Decayed Skull

Eben C. O'Connor from Seattle, WA created this skull. He explained, "Here is a photo (actually scanned face down on a flatbed scanner with black cloth over) of a sculpture I did a few years back. Cast in plaster with epoxy, liquid latex, egg-tempera paints, and a sterling filigree heart found within the walls of an old house renovation."

This skull reminds me of horror tales. It looks partially decayed and haunting. Since the filigree heart is from a home renovation, this skull makes me think of all those stories of ghosts and supernatural occurrences at homes when they are renovated or built on burial grounds. The spirits are disturbed and skeletons start coming out of the ground... ok, enough of the terrifying stories. I hope this creepy beauty doesn't give you any bad dreams.


Anonymous said...

and a Seattle person also!!!

be cool to hang & make skulls with this person!!!
I could even take them to the skull shoppe!!!

Whimzkulls said...

Wonderfully macabre!