Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Simulacra - Version 6.26

Today's simulacra all come from Skull-A-Day friend and team member, Phil Cheney of Richmond, VA. He was going through some files and found a few that he was compiling for us:

"The first is from a miniature pomegranate tree that we have. It had produced a fruit (actual size is about a quarter coin) that I didn't get to pick before it dried out on the tree. I thought it looked like a skull with a giant head."

"The second is an aerial shot of the High School in Petersburg, VA. This semester I have been look specifically at public land design in Petersburg and found this complex of buildings particularly interesting."

"The third is part of a design on my wife's purse. It looks to me like a sad clown skull with a flower nose."

Thanks for the great submissions, Phil. I hope you're reading this in good skull spirits as well! Don't forget to submit your simulacra for our regular Sunday ritual. We need to remember our skulls!

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