Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"San Yomismo" Skull

Enrique Camacho is responsible for this piece of wonderment that he made for Houston's Lawndale Art Center and their 25th annual Day of the Dead fundraiser.  His note does a way better job of giving insight into this unique painting, "The artwork's title "San Yomismo" translates to "Saint Myself". I wanted to show a relatable character as a skeleton in a retablo form. Having the mirror show through the eyes provides the users to see themselves in the artwork and, getting close enough, become part of it as well. The mirror in the back can be rotated in order to show different backgrounds that show through the eyes. I liked how in making the mirror accessible to the user, the protruding mirror has an effect similar to a halo. This halo being out-of-frame also bridges the gap from the painting and our own world"

I know we've all seen paintings in which the eyes seem to follow us, but I don't think I've ever seen a painting that literally stares back at you. This is a great idea since it gets you "into" the art. Thanks for the awesome submission, Enrique!

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