Monday, November 12, 2012

"Skull Fist"

 Lebotomy is back with another skull creation. He made "Skull Fist" using photocopies of his hands!

Have you ever seen Labyrinth? If so, perhaps you recall the scene where Sarah is falling down towards the oubliette and there are hands that stop to "talk" to her. Seeing this "Skull Fist" image reminds me of those hands being turned into faces. Something like this is all about experimentation and play. Though this is a composition of the hand images, it still evokes that same eerie feeling that Jim Henson and his crew's collaborative hand faces do.


Anonymous said...

love the the helping hands in the labyrinth. 'up or down?' :0)

Abby Davis said...

Patience, you'll have to watch the "Making of" for that scene. It's really neat to see how Jim and his crew came up with the idea and faces.