Wednesday, March 27, 2013

[CONTEST REMINDER] Win A Skull Pen From Jac Zagoory Designs

This contest has ended.  Thanks to everyone who entered with your comments.  Stay tuned for more contests coming soon.

You might want to write this down, or better yet just remember that you only have until 11:59:59 Eastern Time Friday, March 29th to get entered to win a FREE skull roller ball pen from Jac Zagoory Designs.

This is a excellent chance for 2 of our readers to win 1 skull pen each to write whatever the %*@# you want.  Seriously!

[NOTE: If you are reading this on Facebook or Google+, you must go to THE ACTUAL BLOG POST HERE to enter this contest! You CANNOT enter this contest by commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+]

You can always get your own pen straight from Jac Zagoory Designs.  Their excellent site features pens, pen holders, and even some wonderful working tools.  Right now you can get a 15% discount on your order when you use the coupon code "skulladay" at checkout.  Thanks again to Craig for the most awesome giveaway and discount!


Unknown said...

I have entered every contest- and I wish this one time I could get the pens- really so wonderful. As my jewelry line I continue to make grows I want to offer silver scrap leather skulls bracelet- unisex- they wrap and go on the hand- for men and women- gimme this pen!:)

Horror Snark said...
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Horror Snark said...

This pen is awesome! I was just talking to a friend of mine the other day about writing. I miss writing letters and my pen pals. :)


Unknown said...

I love skulls and I would love to win this pen! pwease hehe

Helvis Presley said...


Ann said...

i covet!!!
i need....because i want !!!!
ohhhhhhhhhhhhh..fabulous !!!
thanks for the chance!!!
i'm on my way to Jac Zagoory check out and see how much i need in case i don't win!

Ann said...

ok..i am in love with this site!!
Close Shave - Skull can not afford..but this is so freaking awesome !
now...if i could win the pen..i wouldn't feel so poor!!!
honestly..i checked out all the pens..they are cool!!
The Aromatherapy Appetite Suppressant Pen..not as cool as the skull..but cool nonetheless!!
awesome site!!!
win or loose the skull pen...still won,in a way..!!!!!
Many thanks to Craig for this giveaway(even if i don't win)..and the discount!!!