Thursday, March 28, 2013

Skull Makeup Trio

Crystal Overland of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, is a makeup artist. She created these skull makeup looks.

We get a variety of skull makeup submissions from various talented artists, but rarely from an artist that specializes in makeup. I like seeing the different skulls that Crystal created. The soft shading of the two anatomical skulls add to their eeriness. The last one is modeled after a Dia de los Muertos sugar skull. It still has some soft shading, but the opaque paints help define the influence. You can see more of Crystal's work on her website and Facebook page.


DarkCrystal said...

Thank you!
It's an honor to be featured

Rock-N-Roll-Sneer said...

You're absolutely beautiful!
Your talent is so far beyond reproach
it is otherworldly to say the very least.
I am also into the macabre arts through drawing, painting,digital,and of course, my own music. The skull
theme is a major point of interest to myself as subject matter.
Heavy metalish psychobilly sound
and horror imagery go together like
peanut butter and jelly!
I am not one to comment too much
on anything really, But I had to give you the props you deserve!