Saturday, March 23, 2013

Joanne's Jumbo Skull Saturday

Joanne Dhody of Erdenheim, PA is skullin' up our Saturday with an assortment of wonderful skulls. Some of which share the same design, but are all different mediums. (all captions provided by Joanne)

This skull was created using a yummy parantha made by my sister-in-law. A parantha is an Indian flat bread, they are one of my family’s favorite dinners.
This grease skull was a result of blotting the skull parantha on a paper towel (I never said it was health food!)
This is a double skull piece! I used pinking shears to cut up remnants of skull fabric, leftover from the hobo bags I make (available in my Etsy store)
This skull was made from sand from the Jersey Shore. We go “down the shore” every summer.
After cooking some pasta I noticed steam on the glass door, I just had to make a skull in it!
I burnt a piece of toast and instead of throwing it away I made a skull out of it!!

Yeah TOAST!  I love how you let everyday life inspire you to create, Joanne.  Even the burnt toast gets a new life here on our site, never to grow moldy.  Thanks for sharing all of these!

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DRBManou said...

Bravo,'re amazing !
Love those skulls...
Hugs from a not-so-secret
admirer, Beeps