Monday, March 11, 2013

[CONTEST] Win a League of Space Pirates Book and Record

THIS CONTEST IS CLOSED! Thank you for participating!

To celebrate their latest release, League of Space Pirates, the creation of Skull-A-Day founder Noah Scalin and featuring Skull-A-Day co-editor Abby Davis, is giving away a copy of their brand new Book and Record set to 2 lucky Skull-A-Day readers!

Front Cover

Limited Edition Starburst Vinyl

A peek of the artwork inside the comic book.

The cover and a peek inside where the record sits at the end of the book.

League of Space Pirates is a band of badass anti-corporate space pirates who fight The Man (Ubercorp) while Kicking out The Jams! Lead by Captain Orlok and his gang of merry thieves Chroma, Mungo, Rusty Shields and Parrot, the band plays dynamic costumed live shows of high-energy electronic pop. The bastard child of Doctor Who and Depeche Mode has arrived on Earth and is ready to rock your world.

PRIZE INFO: We're giving away 2 copies of our Book and Records recent per winner. Book and Record is a unique return to the classic illustrated book and record sets of the 1970s and 1980s. It features 2 original songs by League of Space Pirates on a limited edition starburst splatter 45RPM vinyl record, along with a 16-page book of illustrated interpretations of the songs by artists Meg Gandy and Matt Deans. It also features original cover artwork by artist James Callahan of Barf Comics.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment below telling us what your Space Pirate name is. You can go here to get one from us, or make one up yourself.

CONTACT INFO: If you win, we need to contact you. With your comment, please INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS!!! Entries are only valid with this information.

WHERE TO ENTER: All entries must be made on this blog post, on You CANNOT enter this contest by commenting on Facebook, Twitter, or Google+.

CONTEST CLOSES: 11:59:59 PM Eastern USA Time Friday, March 15, 2012.


PRIZE SHIPS: This contest is open to all skull lovers around the world.

IF YOU DON'T WIN: Don't fret, copies of the Book and Record are also available for purchase online HERE. Sneak preview the tracks from Book and Record here. And watch the video for the track She’s A Star here. Other band merchandise, including stickers, buttons, and our previous album is available in our shop.


stimps said...

This is a wonderful production!

for me, i'd have to keep my sock knitting, my e-cigarette and dog treeets in my bag. Keeping the dog treats in a separate bag of course, so yeah, my socks wouldn't get covered with dog treat crumbs. =)

markymark said...

The novel looks awesome !!! in my bag I would put my sketch book, pen & pencils, snacks and drinks and of course the space pirates book, so I could sit and read and munch and then get inspiration to sketch.

Social Justice Social Worker said...

It would have to be a variation on my DJ name, "DJ Love Pirate", Venus Love Pirate!

Unknown said...

Sub-lieutenant Dina the Blatantly Loud


Unknown said...

Oops forgot my e-mail:

MeezerCatMom said...

I am Midshipman Julie the Partially Misunderstood. I also used the name generator to make one for my 16 month old son and it's perfect - Cabinboy Steven the Overly Bothersome! Love it!

badbonz said...

i would have to carry,ipod for the mood ,keep the vibe fresh.My home made flour tacos ,filling depends on the day,cuz that how i roll.Finally a camera cuz i suck at drawing.Yes i know ipod has camera,but again that how i roll.
beauty is skin deep, but bad is to the BoNz.

Dirty Dave said...

Yeeeaaargh!!! Athol (That's with a "TH") Moonbanger at yer service!

Jaybyrd said...

Jaybeard the Vengeful !

Paula said...

First mate Paula the fiercely good.
paulahaupt at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Uranus Sparrow

Lady Ophelia 420 said...

First Mate Kori the Blindly Clever

Would love to win, the comic looks awesome!

Scott said...

Glad to see the enterprise grow.

Third Mate Scott Burger the Painfully Wild

Guz69 said...

Captain Guzz the Painfully Crooked

Cheers from Brazil!

Marnat3 said...

Mark the Partially Crazy

Unknown said...

Mungo. The original.

amgpaints said...

it tis I -Ship's Mate Annie the Really Powerful!

happigreen said...

Ships mate happi green aboard the Overly Merry

emon xie said...

Captain Emon Xie the Fiercely Rebellious

The book and 45 look wonderful, and what a great shout back to the storybooks & records I loved from my youth! Fun fact, I had the pleasure of writing for Mark Hamill and getting to sneak a copy of my story book into his recording session for the Starsiege video game:

If that's not an act of pillaging (talent) I don't know what is!

Capt. EX

Scott Morgan said...

M'name be The Dread Captain Morgan of the pirate ship Excelsior....y a r r r.