Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Waffle Skull

This sweet waffle and fruit skull comes from Addie Markowitz who also happens to be Noah's California cousin.  She made this breakfast for her daughter, Paloma.  Addie writes, "I try and make fun and happy breakfasts for her almost everyday! I post them on Instagram.  I should try and do a fun meal for her 365 days inspired by Noah.  After posting a lot of happy faces, hearts, monkeys,  etc. I thought I had to try a skull inspired by my cousin, and it was a success!"

The lucky girl herself.  Who could resist making such cute meals for this sweet face?

Success indeed!  The reward of a smiling lass savoring her skullacious breakfast would be well worth the effort you put into making her day special.  Good work, Mom!  Thanks for inviting us to your table, Addie!

1 comment:

Erin Bunting said...

A skull waffle on a Brave plate. What a cool mom!