Thursday, October 17, 2013

[BONUS] 412. Pumpkin Anatomy III: It's the Great Pumpkin!

After years of patient waiting The Great Pumpkin has finally been spotted!...

After carving a pumpkin with a skull and a pumpkin with a brain previously, I decided I really wanted to carve a skeleton pumpkin this year. I knew I would make the rib cage and head out of two separate white pumpkins, but wasn't sure if how to accomplish the arms. At first I was going to just leave them off. But when I was sorting through the haul from my family's recent visit to the pumpkin patch I discovered that I had two funky gourds that fit this bill perfectly, and required no carving! How's that for some creative serendipity? 

You can also see my original Skull-A-Day project pumpkin carving HERE.

Have you made your own skull/skeleton pumpkin carving, or heck, if you give this design a try this year, send us a pick to share!

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