Saturday, October 12, 2013

ARTmuffin's skulls (from the Book Of Gosh)

Sometimes the hardest part of being a Skull-A-Day editor is trying to decide which piece(s) of art to display from the submissions we get. Espcecially when any one artist decides to submit a whole handful of wonderful work. So, sometimes you just gotta say F*@k it and do what feels best(which is a pretty zen thing to do actually, thank you Sarah!) and post all of them. Today is an excellent case in point from ARTmuffin. These pieces are just a small assortment of what lies ahead for you to discover on his site. I'll let him tell you a little more, "My art is created with the concept of being pages from a lost book or temple from another culture in another dimension. The work is often human, alien, or animal anatomy with what appears to be a kind of hieroglyphic writing and symbolism accompanying the subject. The pages vary from anatomical description to ceremonial preparation to the preservation of a history. All pages are from 'The Book of Gosh'."

ARTmuffin hits it dead on the head for me. I love skulls, Geometry, ancient history, and mystery. He's got all of that going here as well as a myriad of other skullacious works that could fill a month's worth of posts for us. It's a great collection of awesome work. Plus, ARTmuffin is doing more awesome work by donating a portion of any of his sales to the charity of your choice.  He's letting your love of art go directly to helping others.  There's no better way to serve humanity while indulging into some fantastic skull art.  Thanks for sharing all of these, ARTmuffin!

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