Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Seven Hills Scooter Skull

Clear the roads and make way for today's skull!!! This piece of genuine RVA artwork is courtesy of Skull-A-Day friend, Meena Khalili. Meena's day of the dead skulls are adorning a metal glove box door that is on a Vespa P200 that the Seven Hills Scooter Club will be giving away at this year's "Indian Summer Scooter Rally", featuring a day of the dead theme, from Nov. 8-10.  You heard me right!  Not only will you get this one of a kind door featuring screen printed paper, gesso, acrylic inks, Micron pens, and clear coat spray (to seal and weatherproof artwork) done by the superbly talented Meena, but the Club is also throwing in a Vespa scooter to boot!  To see more of the artful in work processing then check out Meena's blog.  To find out more about the Scooter Rally click here.  To help me say thank you to Meena and the Seven Hills Scooter Club then leave a comment below.   Thanks for sharing this, Meena!


Unknown said...

Seven Hills for life kid. I want your skulls. MIsfit scooter trash. <3 Meena. ;) Willis

meena khalili said...

Thanks for sharing my work and spreading the word, Skull-A-Day! It's an honor to be featured on the site :) (yay seven hills!)