Saturday, October 19, 2013

Stenciled Jacket Skull

Tony Yarbray has a peculiar way of fulfilling a request with this skull stencil. He tells us, "This young lady asked me to ruin her jacket for her a couple of years back so I started to cut the sleeves off it for her, but then she told me she just wanted me to spray the skull stencil I had made on it. When some kids saw her do that they all wanted a skull on their shirts. I hope their parents didn't whoop them." I hope so too, Tony, but I'm sure everyone was okay in the end with their new additions of skullrific decorations. Thanks for sharing it with us, and not getting us whooped!

1 comment:

Tony Yarbray said...

I realized the leather jacket I was wearing then has the overspray from that day on the sleeve and shoulder....I should make another stencil and spray my own jacket.