Saturday, October 5, 2013

Papa Gede Skull

Seattle's Lisa Glomb, aka- Clevergirl43, is in the midst of her own 365 project of creating monster inspired art. She also found inspiration in an upcoming visit to New Orleans that will include some traditional festivities. Lisa writes, "Our first day there will be the Day of the Dead and we'll be attending a special celebration to honor the dead. I was urged to to bring an offering to Papa Gede, the voodoo trickster spirit whose role it is to "show each man his own devil". Papa Gede traditionally sports a top hat, cigar, and sunglasses with one lens missing, and so I made him this. One thing I'll certainly be asking him for is continued inspiration!"  Made from sculpey clay, acrylic paint, and some assorted objects she found.  I think your level of appeasement should be great, Lisa.  I know it definitely made our day.  Thanks!