Saturday, November 24, 2007

174. (The) Coconut Skull (Doesn't Fall Far From The Tree.)

Ink on Coconut. I found this coconut on the beach the day before and set it up under a tree behind my friend's house early in the morning. I was going to try to carve it, but not having any tools with me, and not wanting to wake up my host to see if I could borrow something to use I started drawing on it and ended up liking the result. Since you're not allowed to bring back agricultural products from Hawaii to the mainland, I left this as a gift to my friends who kindly put us up for a week.


Tatman said...

What an excellent gift for your host. Do coconuts rot?

TraciW said...

If I may leave my version of events.....

The creation of the skull didn't wake us up.

However, the beaming flashes (from the camera) outside our bedroom window jolted us awake and into a panic. We were unable to decide if:

a) We were under some kind of attack.
b) We should be prepared to be struck by lightning.

All kidding aside, we do appreciate the gift, and to the best of our knowledge coconuts do not rot. If that changes, we will surely let you know.

Noah said...

Oh yeah, I forgot about that part! Sorry again for the surprise flashes in your window, I had no idea that it was so bright!

Tatman said...

Awesome...coconuts don't rot! It's a gift that will stand the test of time. I think I might give coconut art to my family and friends this Christmas.

All kidding aside, it's still really cool.