Friday, November 23, 2007

Guest Post #2

I'm on vacation, but don't worry I'm still making skulls while I'm away and I'll post them all after I return.

In the meantime please enjoy these skulls found by my friend Julien in Istanbul...


mim said...

So, anyone? What does "olem telekesi" mean? Push here? Don't push here?

mim said...

Sorry, spelled it wrong: ölüm tehlikesi. It's really an intriguing image.

Anonymous said...

I got "Death risk" with an online-translation-site.
Thanks for guest-hosting, I agree with agnorth's comment to the "Guest Post #2".

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone, I'm Julien, from Istanbul.
ölüm means Death
Tehlike means danger.
The 'si' at the end would stand for the 'for' in English.
So literally meaning "Danger of death".


Crafty Mama said...

Thanks for the translation!
I agree with christiane- Thanks Mica.