Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Gift of Skulls: Trepanation

I was recently sent this gorgeous print from Kelly Nelson who teaches at Longwood University. Titled "Trepanation" the media is solar plates on paper and teabags with sewing and punch. She says, "I discovered your skull work when visiting the Mütter Museum's site and watched your interview online. I decided to pull a proof for you and hope you enjoy it." The print is part of a twelve artist portfolio called Anatomy/Anomaly which was curated by Shelley Gibson at Arkansas State Unviersity and was actually inspired by the Mütter Museum's collection! The portfolio will be part of an exhibition at the Southern Graphics Council Conference 2010. Thanks again to Kelly for her kind and beautiful gift, which will have a place of honor on my wall!


Tatman said...

Tea bags? Really? Well brew me up a pot of seriously impressed. That is totally awesome. So how long before this "wall" of yours needs a whole room, or separate building? SLIMH!

nitebyrd said...

That is truly a thing of beauty.