Friday, January 15, 2010

Ides of Skull Fanatic: Alexis Bousiges

Where has 2010 gone? Can you believe it is already the 15th? That means it is time once again to feature another fanatic who makes Skull-A-Day so special for all of us.

This month’s fanatic is Alexis Bousiges from France

Alex told us he has been collecting old carved skulls and artifacts since April 2009, especially Pre-Columbian Skulls and Native American Artifacts.

He went on to say: “The skull is our real effigy... our flesh is a veil, when we die God removes the veil. It's why we like skulls, in reality, we like our proper image. Men was always fascinated by skulls. The best proof, I believe, is certainly the Clovis People Crystal Skull. Believe it or not but this represents one of the first known crystal skull carved by human (more than 12,500 years ago). It's hard to see the carving for a non-trained eye, it's not common art BUT It's a ‘true work of art’. Here is another example, a hammer carved in the Pleistocene Epoch with a skull effigy. ”

Alex has many other Native American artifacts viewable on his website, along with the Pre-Columbian Skulls below.

Pre-Columbian Skulls and Ceremonial Aztec Scepter

Lost City of C says:

Thank you for allowing us to share your collection. This is a fascinating body of work that you have set out to gather together. We look forward to seeing more of your future collection, and if all these pieces inspire you to do some original art we would love to see it.

Are you a certified/certifiable Skull Fanatic? If so, send an image or two, maybe a video of your personal skull/skeleton collection and tell us a bit about what makes you so crazy for skulls, how many skulls you may own, or whatever else you think is pertinent!


Divaeva said...

mmhmm...hammer? *giggle* Great collection though!

Spammed Ham said...

Diva I think you are referring to the scepter there. I agree it looks like it should be on every skull girl's shopping list