Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Vans Skull

We have seen Noah cut at the very sole of some gym skull shoes, but Mikee puts his shoes on a little differently. Here's a pair of Vans that he's decked out for supreme skulliness.

I guess if I were cool enough I would tell you something like, "Nice kicks", but I'm not so I'll just thank you for submitting them. Thanks!


Anonymous said...
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Alex said...

liking the shoes!
Pulled it off well, its pretty hard getting shoes good..

Abdul Ahad said...

pLZ cn anyone tell me....from where could i can get these vAns.....pLZ dO tElL mE...i ReAlLy wAnt to buY tHEse pAir of Shoes...liKE tHEse...mA n0. 0323881227

Noah said...

You can reach the artist Mikee at miykey AT gmail DOT com or 415-725-2815.