Thursday, January 14, 2010

Old School Cross Stitch Skulls

Okay, maybe I lured you in with the title, but I don't have one "old school cross stitch" skull today. Instead I have both "old school" and "cross stitch" pieces. Seattle's Jade Gordon shares a tale of two skulls...

"My first submission is a black and white ink drawing that I created nearly 20 years ago! It might have been my first attempt at drawing skulls and bones. I worked on it in art class, initially as part of an in-joke. Someone put a skull in their art, and then everyone tried to work it into something they were doing - including the teacher!"

"My second submission is a sort of but not really cross-stitch that I have been poking at on and off for a while. I've decided to call it done!"

More proof of what we already know here at Skull-A-Day, skulls are contagious. You can see lots more of Jade's art at her name above, or if you want to skip straight to her collection of skulls then just go here--> (º,,º). Thanks for the story and thanks for sharing, Jade.

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Abby Davis said...

I love the 2nd one the best. I like the use of colors.