Friday, January 8, 2010

Sugar Skulls on Paper

This week I have been showing off new work from old friends. Today’s Skull comes from Sam Snoek-Brown who has previously contributed to our Sunday Simulacra feature here and here.

Sam wrote: “We weren’t sure to what extent we were going to celebrate Halloween this year because live in a Muslim country and there are only a few American kids in our apartment building, but everyone who lives in our building decided to make the holiday as much fun for the kids as possible. To that end, I made a lot of homemade decorations out of construction paper, including these paper ‘sugar skulls’ (which I left up through Dia de los Muertos). The ones in the top row are the ones I decorated; the bottom row my wife, Jennifer, decorated. The blanks one in the middle—I made a ton of those and gave them to the kids to decorate themselves, and they loved them so much they left their paper skulls hanging in the hallway for a week afterward.”

Lemonade C says:

That is really a wonderful story. I think the holiday meant that much more to the kids that you took the time for them to make these decorations for them. It would be wonderful to see some more of the other finished skull if you happened to have taken more pictures. Thanks for being part of Skull-A-Day and best wishes for the New Year.

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