Monday, January 4, 2010

Old Acquaintance Skulls

This is the first post for the week after the New Year, I thought I would transition into 2010 with some new work from some of our old friends.

The first comes from Yann Roirand, who is studying Art & Design in Sunderland, England. Yann’s old piece can be found here.

Next up is Kitty Valentine from London England who had some great work showcased here and here.

Last today is Mauro Bignami from Malnate, Lombardia, ITALY who’s food skull can be found here.

Auld Lang C says:

It is always great to see old friends. Thank you for taking the time to think of us again. Happy New Year to you all. Thanks also for helping us set a New Year’s Resolutions to make more art. For the rest of our readers out there, if you have only been watching and never took the time to submit, 2010 should be your year we welcome all who wish to participate by submitting here.

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