Monday, February 15, 2010

C-Rations: 0C100101

This week’s offering is a Celebration Custom.

“Skull of the Tiger ” 7" X 3" Handmade red paper envelope with gold paint

Survivor C says:

♫ Dunt Dunt Dunt Dunt... it's the Year of the Tiger! ♫

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, during the celebration it is customary to give red envelops that contain money as a way to insure luck in the new year. Wishing you all good fortune this year. The new year began yesterday and it is now the second day, traditionally today is the day in which one's ancestors are remembered.

Remember each Monday during the 3.0 year I am posting an original skull design. My weekly offerings are nothing compared to the one-a-day massive project done by the Skullmaster in 1.0, but hopefully you will find some nourishment in these weekly offerings.

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1 comment:

Tatman said...

Filled with money? I hope someone gives me one of these(wink, wink).

Great job, especially for originality.