Saturday, February 6, 2010

Spoon Pendant Skulls

Dauvit Alexander was referred to Skull-A-Day by an obviously great friend, and was encouraged to submit these lovely skull spoon pendants.

The ornateness of these make for wonderful pendants. The one with the gem appears to be a spoon of royalty. Perhaps a story of rags to riches; straight from the silverware drawer to the jewelry box. Thanks for sending them in, Dauvit.


Abby Davis said...

Those are lovely. I've seen silverware jewelry before, but none had a skull carved through it.

glyphjockey said...


Noah said...

Just added a link to his Etsy store, so if you're interested you can buy them here.

Concertina said...

Those are absolutely amazing! I have definitely hearted his shop and I will be getting one of those.

Thanks so much for posting them!