Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Simulacra - Version 3.38

It seems that Mother Nature is doing her fair share of the work to create the skull simulacrum that all of our keen eyed skull hunters are finding. These tree skulls are just some of the ways that she is reminding us that someday our skulls will return to the Earth.

Morté (aka Matt) found the first of today's trees. "I took this picture this last summer at the Kanawha State Forest in WV on one of their nature trails. I see a large skull in the tree trunk, but I did not notice it when I took the picture, just after I got it on my phone and looked at it."

Christopher had some help from some canine friends with this one. "I took the attached picture while hiking with my cousin's poodles in a park in Toronto, Canada. I immediately thought of Skull-A-Day when I saw this broken tree in the woods."

And Chelsea Park found this stumperrific skull hiding in a tree on the big island of Hawaii, on the way to the Lagoon at Kiholo Bay.

Thanks to everyone for getting out there and staying active with physical activity and for keeping your skull eyes open. If you are lucky enough to find one of Mother Nature's hidden skulls then feel free to submit them through our submissions page.

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Scare Sarah said...

Oh, they're good ones!