Friday, February 5, 2010

Skully Bear

Owner of Mutz's Tootsz in Wisconsin, artist Amy Thornton, created this skully teddy bear. She told us: “Bear Bones is made of mohair & felted woolfelt.”


Hibernating C says:

Since becoming an editor I have viewed the full spectrum of skulls from symbolic silhouettes to some more macabre,and it is nice to see one that reminds us that skulls don't always need to be scary. I understand this artistic piece is not intended as a toy, but I do know a youngster that would really love this. Thank you for submitting this wonderful piece.


Abby Davis said...

That's really great. I know a little lady who would love to have one too.

Mutz said...

Thank you! Bear Bones has a little childlkie look to him. He is one of my series of bears "dressed up fpr Halloween." He is made for teddy bear collectors.