Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Repeating Skulls

Well, today is Groundhog Day and in honor of one of my favorite movies with the same name I wanted to show some repeating skulls. These make great desktop wallpapers.

This most recent submission comes from Tyler Whaley. It's a print titled "Mammoth Mustache". You can find the original here on his blog.

Thanks for the mesmerizing print, Tyler. I'm currently using this one and it hypnotizes me every time I turn on my laptop.

Now if you think long and hard you might remember back to the Interlocking Skull which became a favorite of many. With a bit of cropping a reader named Mark helped to create the Interlocking Skull Wallpaper. Original tile is located here.

Another reader named Jesse took that design to a whole new headache inducing level in Braincase XVIII. Original tile is here.

Thanks to the help of long time Skull-A-Day friend, B13, you can choose from three different versions (#1 #2 #3) of Noah's Ornament(al) Skull. Here's a preview of #1 from Braincase XXVI.

Anthony j "weird.eye.one" showed off his craftiness in Braincase XXVIII with this argyle skull pattern. Original tile is here.

In Braincase XXXI someone only known as "designstation" sent in this spiffy hand drawn pattern. Original tile is here.

The most awesome Dan Springer, who brought you yesterday's February Desktop Calendar, submitted this desktop way back in Braincase XXXVIII. Original size is here.

This Warm Skull Wallpaper was created by Ataedun for Migomagi Brand. Original tile is here.

And most recently we were pleased to show the Smiley Skull Desktop tile of Kenneth Botsford Jr. with his illustrated skull. Original is here.

I hope that I don't have to repeat myself when I say that Skull-A-Day should be your first stop for some kick ass skull desktop patterns. I hope everyone finds something they like in here and thanks so much to the creators who submitted these. Skull-A-Day is here because of you. Happy Groundhog Day!

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